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Mira Musank


6 comments on “About

  1. Hello, this is Anya. Thank you so much for writing about my collection! I would love to stay in touch, is it possible to connect via facebook?

    I am being casted at a few SF shows this summer and it would be great to run into you again!


  2. Press release-
    Attention all Fab Girls reporting on Fashion,

    Let me introduce you to Fashion Designer, Jacqueline Jax. An amazing local South Florida designer that brings the beautiful flavors of Miami to a unique Couture collection of ladies apparel. She has discovered a need to bring beautiful wearable couture directly to the customer. She does not sell wholesale to bring the markup to the boutiques, instead she offers her customers designer direct prices online at http://www.JackiesBoutique.com

    The line has over 450 collection pieces that are constantly in motion and every thing centers are her favorite obsession- Travel. The pieces are made of beautiful washable quality fabrics that feel amazing on the body, made in the USA only construction and are all limited edition pieces inspired by the Couture Runways with Jacqueline’s own unique spin of coarse.

    I hope that you will take a peak at her collection and perhaps get inspired to write a blog about her. We will be releasing hot video shortly to the press featuring Jacqueline in her next photo shoot so you can get up close and personal with her. Please let me know if you would like me to send you a link when they get released. She’s a sweet person and lives for fashion.

    Jaime Sands
    PR Director Jackie’s Boutique

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